Cult of Counting Handbook

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The Cult of Counting Handbook is a journal for visualizing your counting practice. As you count, record your activity with hashmarks, dots, drawing or coloring and blissfully slip into the present moment. Note your epiphanies and shifts in mood to build your faith and remember your power. When you finish each exercise, the marks you made will be a record of your bliss—a hypnotizing work of art with the power to transport you to another dimension. The back of each exercise is blank; cut them out and display them in around your home or office as a reminder of your power... and a portal to its center. Interspersed with authors’ journal entries, guided meditations, and practitioner spotlights, the Cult of Counting Handbook is an immersion program into the transcendent magick of counting meditation.

Placing a singular focus on counting silently or aloud boosts mood and activates miracles. The practice of counting sharpens focus, quiets the mind and opens the door to infinite intelligence.

Only your thoughts can make you feel bad. Counting stops all the worries that cause stress, fear and anxiety. This break from thinking returns you to your natural state of feeling good, which manifests into a better-feeling reality. Counting is an excellent manifestation technique. It helps you get out of your own way!

Remembering to feel good is your only work. The more humans counting, the less the collective consciousness is focused on resistance and problems. The more humans counting, the more peace on Earth.

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