New Moon Ritual Kit (Leo)

New Moon Ritual Kit (Leo)

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New Moon are powerful portals for transformation and new beginnings. This threshold opens approximately every 28 days. Some rituals to do during this time is cleanse your sacred space, meditate, set intentions, candle magick, take a moon bath, Tarot or Oracle readings. 

This kit is meant to inspire your inner witch, so have fun, and happy New Moon Blessings to you! 

Kit Includes: 

Ritual Kit Includes:

  • Brown chime candle and holder
  • Black moonstone (large stone)
    • Moonstone is known for its strong connection to the moon, especially through feminine energy and the tides. It can aid in intuition, manifestation, and meditation. Because of its connection to the divine feminine, moonstone can be especially powerful for women. Moonstone also has healing properties, especially in protecting its user from negativity and providing calming energy.
  • Shungite (small stone)
    • Shungite is a mineraloid often used for cleansing and purification. It is composed largely of carbon, which allows it to act as a filter and aid in detoxification and neutralization. Many people also believe that it aids in stress relief and can lead to a calmer, clearer mind.
  • Black dried flowers
  • Black butterfly (ethically sourced)
    • Can be used to represent change and transformation

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