Flower Magick: Enhancing and Enchanting your Rituals with Flowers

Flower Magick: Enhancing and Enchanting your Rituals with Flowers

Flowers are one of Mother Earths greatest gifts. She creates these beautiful explosive art pieces that are capable of blooming almost anywhere. Some of the most famous paintings are vases full of flowers. They are given as gifts to celebrate the beginning of life. Flowers are sent to honor the transition of our loved ones into the Spirit Realm. Flowers lift our spirits, make us pause, and put a smile on our faces. Flowers give life to the birds, the bees, and to all of us. They are high vibrational, and they accomplish all of this by simply being themselves. 

Here are some of my tips on how you can weave flowers into your Magick Practice:

As I mentioned before, flowers are gifts from Mother Earth. They grow from her soil. Plants are naturally grounding and stabilizing. Add flowers to your salt and herbal blends when you want to feel secure. Sprinkle around your space and feel uplifted!

We all have wounds that we carry deep inside of us. Add flowers to inner child spells when you need the nurturing and compassion of a Mother. 

Your Root Chakra which is closest to the Earth is where we drop into the body. Going into the Root reminds us that we are here and in this experience for better or for worse. The only way is through. We carry a lot of pain and trauma in our Root Chakra. When you plant flowers in your yard, assign a bushel of them, “Your Root”. Water and tend to them with care. It represents you giving kindness and compassion to your deepest sense of self. 

Place fresh flowers on your altar each week. It says to your ancestors that you seek more peace. They will respond to the flowers and guide you to more gentle frequencies. 

After flowers are on your Altar, salvage them by drying out their petals. Use dried petals in ritual cleansing baths or to enhance oil. All the abundant energy from your altar will infuse your baths and oils.

Enhancing oil. Take almond or jojoba oil, flower petals, and essential oils, mix them together and leave it in a glass container on your altar. Reach for this oil anytime you want to bless candles, ritual tools, or even your wrist when you want to carry good energy from your altar throughout the day. It’s a way to stay connected spiritually. 

Burn Rose and Eucalyptus to cleanse and uplift your space. Roses are the highest vibration of any plant, therefore it cleanses and purifies low vibrational and stagnant energy. 

Work with flowers based on color! You will love Color Magick, and working with flowers and stones based on your energy centers. For intuition, work with purple flowers, for emotional healing, go for pink, for stability and deep healing go with bright red. 

Visualize flowers! Close your eyes, place your hands over your heart, breath and visualize a rose blooming over and over again dripping with sweetness in the center of your chest. Close your eyes and place your hands over your navel, feeling your stomach expand on your inhale. Visualize a Sunflower bursting with Sun beams, sending your breath deep into your stomach to build confidence and vitality. 

Gift fresh or dried flowers to all your witchy loved ones! Making a flower offering in the form of a crown, a dried bundle for burning, potted in soil, or even one single stem, is such a heart warming gift. It says, “you are nature, you are powerful, you are blooming, growing, and changing at exactly the right time, and so it is” 

Thanks for reading!

What are some of your favorite ways to work with flowers? 

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