Close your eyes, feel the warmth on your skin, sigh into the thick summer air, because my friends, the Sun returns home to Leo on July 22 at 4:06 pm EDT. This homecoming is honey-gold, sticky sweet, full-bodied essence – and what a shame it’d be not to soak it all up. Leo Season invites us to unapologetically shine, to stand firm in our light, and allow it to pull all into it’s orbit. Ruled by the Sun, this Season demands radiance, warmth, and magnetism. And if you’re too bright for someone, tell them to buy a pair of sunnies because there’s no dimming your shine. Be dramatic, take up space, show off, and remind the world who the heck you are– because there is, and only will be, one of you. 

On July 28, we welcome the New Moon in Leo, which forms a trine to Jupiter, the planet of expansive growth. This is a beautiful opportunity to set intentions and goals related to how you want to be seen. Perhaps it’s tapping in to your inner-child and creativity without boundaries, perhaps it’s loving with your whole heart, or perhaps it's allowing your outer self to reflect your inner self. Whatever it may be, the luck and optimism of Jupiter offers support to your intentions, so don’t be afraid to dream big. Two weeks later, on August 11, the Full Moon in Aquarius is a bit more somber and karmic. This Full Moon sits close with a Retrograde Saturn, the planet of boundaries and restriction. Here’s the thing – sure, Saturn can be a downer at times, and can be super serious, but he reminds us that patience is a virtue. With Saturn we can expect delays, roadblocks, or challenges, so as you seek to let go and release, notice where resistance rears its head. Furthermore, this Full Moon sits at the Nodal Bends. When a planet is at the Nodal Bends (aka 90 degrees, or a square aspect, to the Lunar Nodes) the energy that stirs up is one that is deeply tied to our Soul’s karmic fate. Gotta love that Natal Promise, am I right?! Nevertheless, a square demands an action. What needs to be done? What needs to be released? What boundaries need to be drawn? It’s a labor of love, but the end result takes your Soul closer to where it longs to be. 

Shifting our attention to the planetary ingresses, we’ve got Mercury entering Virgo on August 4, Venus entering Leo on August 11, and Mars entering Gemini on August 20. With Mercury in Virgo, one sign of Mercury’s rulership, our thoughts, words, and mental processing gets a lot more precise. This is a time of refining, fine-tuning, and editing, my friends. Here, there’s nothing but precision. With Venus in Leo, there’s a heart-open warmth that settles into our relationships and partnerships. I’m talkin’ grand gestures! I’m talkin’ bold moves! I’m talkin’ nothin’ but loyalty and support! Venus in Leo is the cheerleader, ready to gas you up and wrap you in love. And while I’d love to say Venus in Leo is the inner planet star of the show this month, that award goes to Mars in Gemini, who will be here for an extended stay due to it’s Retrograde. The Mars Retrograde shadow period doesn’t begin until Virgo Season, so more on that next month, but Mars in Virgo is scattered, flighty energy. Gemini is all about adaptability and moving quickly, and Mars is all about passion and energy. The visual that comes to mind here is a hummingbird buzzing from one place to the next; bookmark that feeling – it’ll come up again. 

For more information on how this month’s astro-weather will play out for you, read on! (Hint: read for both your Sun sign AND Rising sign!)


Dearest Aries, this Leo Season calls for you to tap into child-like wonder, play, creativity, and self-expression! You’re such a self-starter– after all, you are the first Cardinal sign of the zodiac – so don’t be afraid to try something new that allows you to play with your inner-child. Maybe this looks like finger-painting on a large canvas or simply rolling the windows down and singing loudly in your car. Whatever it may be, remember that you have permission to take up space, to be bold, and to show the world who you are. The New Moon on July 28 invites you deeper into this energy, and with Jupiter being in your sign, you have all the abundance and support you could ever imagine so really take the time to tap in! This creative space isn’t just about play, either, it’s also about pleasure. Take a look at where you’d like to invoke a little bit of ~spice~ into your life, baby! At the end of the day, all that matters is you’re having fun. With the Full Moon on August 11, there’s an emphasis on not only these fun, pleasurable endeavors, but also the social networks and peer groups in your life. The Aquarius Moon sits tight with Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitations. This is a great time for you to pause and to look at who is possibly holding you back, especially creatively! Full Moons are a time of releasing and letting go, so setting boundaries or completely removing yourself from certain social circles may be what is needed at this time. Keep in mind– this Full Moon is at the Nodal Bends, meaning the actions taken during this time are one’s that relate to our Soul’s work. 


Taurus, it may be sticky-summer out there, but it is time for you to get cozy! The Sun in Leo highlights your home, family, ancestry, and roots. Nestle in, curate your space to be bold and expressive, and share that Leo love with your fam (chosen or blood!) The New Moon on July 28 is a great time for you to get intentional about how you want this space of your life to look, feel, and express itself. The Leo reputation may be one of dramatics and selfishness, but it’s important to remember that Leo is ruled by the Sun – it’s warm, inviting, and it’s light provides life for all on Earth, so your home environment should feel the same! With support from Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and abundance, you have the opportunity to let your dreams run wild. Then, the Full Moon on August 11 asks you to take a look at the opposition between this expressive home space, and your possibly more detached work space. In short: it’s a matter of evaluating your work-life balance. This Aquarius Moon sits tight with Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries, and both the Sun and Moon are at the Nodal Bends. With this in mind, you can expect delays related to career matters, or you can expect a need to establish boundaries. As the Lunar Nodes play into this Full Moon, there is an element of Karmic fate here – the releasing/letting go that you do during this time is an action that needs to be taken. When it feels frustrating and slow, just remember: all in due time. The Universe has your back. 


My Gemini friend, this Leo Season asks you to say it with your whole chest! The Sun lights up the area of your life related to communication, information, and local community/short distance travel. Maybe you go out and get social at the weekly farmer’s market, or maybe you take center stage just for the hell of it. Whatever it may be, you’re invited into this space with warmth, magnetism, and enthusiasm. The New Moon on July 28 gathers abundant, opportunistic luck from Jupiter, which is expanding your social circles and networks. As always, New Moons are a time of setting intentions and looking inward. With that in mind, where are you looking to connect? To communicate? To absorb information? Come the Full Moon on August 11, there's an at odds between what it is you know and what it is you believe. (And let this be a friendly reminder that sometimes those two things are very, very different!) As Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries sits next to this Full Moon, you can expect some delays, boundaries, and reality checks coming through– especially as it relates to your morals, beliefs, and personal philosophies. This is a time of releasing, my friend, so wash your hands clean of old, projected beliefs that no longer serve the bigger picture. This work is Karmic, as the Sun and the Moon sit at the Nodal Bends. It might feel sticky, but I promise it’s worth it.  


Cancer, let’s just take a sec. Inhale through your nose, and exhale out your mouth. The Sun shines a spotlight on your finances, assets, and values this month. As you ride the come-down of Cancer Season, it’s a lovely time to take a look at where you’re looking to bring some energy and light to your financial matters. Unfortunately, money matters are a part of life, but what’s nice is that you have the ability to control what this looks like for you specifically. (You heard me– if you want to spend $200 on clothes this month, just factor it into your budget!) Of course, it’s not always that simple, but the New Moon on July 28 calls you to get intentional. Don’t forget that your money matters can bring you joy, too! While the New Moon gains support from jovial, optimistic Jupiter, the Full Moon on August 11 is more serious. Sitting tightly with Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitations, there is an emphasis on other people’s money and resources. Perhaps you were expecting someone to pay you back the money they owe you, or maybe you were planning on help from others and it’s just not happening on your timeline. Patience can be incredibly difficult, and wherever Saturn is involved, we can expect things to take their sweet ole time. However, Saturn also empowers us to set boundaries– if this sitch is taking up too much emotional energy, it’s time to draw a line in the sand. Let go of what is no longer working, set boundaries when it’s necessary, and know that no matter the outcome, the Universe has your back.  


Make way, people! Your season has arrived! How ya feeling? Radiant? Magnetic? Dripping with honey-gold goodness? As you could imagine, this Leo Season is all about you, baby. Who do you want to be? Who do you want to become? How can your inner light radiate outward? The Full Moon on July 28 asks these questions and more; with support from abundant Jupiter, you and your worldview are about to crack wide open. As you prepare for another year around the Sun, set intentions and outline your goals – especially in regards to how you shine. While this New Moon is fertile ground, the Full Moon on August 11 is a bit more serious. Sitting tightly with Saturn, the planet of boundaries and restriction, you’re asked a big question: where do you face resistance or hesitation within your relationships? Yeaaaah… that’s the thing. The work can’t always be about *us*-- it’s about others, too. Woof. (Or should I say, roar?) Full Moons are a time of letting go and releasing what no longer serves you. With this in mind, it’s time to take a look at the relationships and partnerships in your life. Whether you’re the resistor or resistee, this may be a time to draw lines in the sand. The work that’s done during this time is one of Karmic fate, as the Sun and Moon sit at the Nodal Bends. While it’s a bit uncomfy, it ultimately helps you move forward. Lean into it, my friend. At the very least you’ll do it with style! Cheers to another year; here’s to celebrating Y O U!


My Virgo friend, you may find yourself rolling your eyes at all the Leos during Leo Season. (I don’t blame you– we can be a lot at times! And yes, I say we as I am a Leo writing this). So maybe it’s a little insufferable at times, but what’s really going on below the surface is that the Sun is shining a light on all the dusty corners of your subconscious mind. Mentally, you may be feeling a little drained during this time. We all experience this at different times in the year, so it’s okay to lean into some of that heaviness. While Leos get a bad rep for being selfish, bossy, or dramatic, it does you give permission to prioritize your mental well-being. The New Moon on July 28 provides you with fertile ground to plant seeds of intention. Take this time to map out what you need. Like, really need. With support from Jupiter, remember that you have other people and their resources, time, and experiences to help you navigate any challenges that arise. On August 11, the Full Moon invites you to look at both your mental and physical well-being. As the Moon in Aquarius sits tight with Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitations, you may find that physically you’re just not feeling at your peak. If you tend to over-exert yourself, this could be a lovely time to pump the breaks and rest. Full Moons are a time of letting go, so release any expectations you place on yourself that are contributing to burnout or exhaustion. Your season is coming soon, so know that these feelings are only temporary! 


How are ya feeling, my friend? Can I let you in on a little secret? You and Leos have more in common than you think, so you may be feeling pretty good right about now! This Leo Season brings light and energy to your social circles, peer groups, and networks. In short: talk to everyone and meet lots of people because you never know who may know someone who can help you out! You’re a charmer by nature, dear Libra, so don’t be afraid to shine and take up space when expanding your network. The New Moon on July 28 allows you to set intentions and goals related to these social circles and networks– and with abundant, opportunistic Jupiter magnifying your relationships, don’t be afraid to tap into the networks of your partners and friends, too. The Full Moon on August 11, however, is more serious as it sits tight with Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries. You may find that there’s some creative blockage here and the things you do for pleasure are just not doing it for you right now. Take this time to take inventory– what’s working? What’s not? What’s blocking? What’s supporting? Full Moons are a time of letting go, so allow yourself to release the boundaries or obstacles that come up for you and your creative self-expression. This work is one that is Karmically fated, as the Sun and Moon sit at the Nodal Bends. Don’t worry, my friend, at the end of the day, the Universe always has your back. 


For you, Scorpio, Leo Season invites you to take center stage. (Shhh… don’t tell the Leos I told you that). But yeah, you read that right. The Sun in Leo highlights your career, goals, aspirations, and reputation. With the Sun in this space, some may think you come off as bossy, but maybe you’re just a bo$$. Ya dig? Here’s the thing– the Sun doesn’t stop shining because people think it’s too bright, so neither should you. The New Moon on July 28 provides you with the opportunity to set big, bold intentions related to how you want to grow your career and persona. How do you want to be seen? How do you want to be remembered? With support from abundant Jupiter, you’re reminded to dream big. The Full Moon on August 11, however, is a bit more challenging as it sits tight with Saturn – the planet of boundaries and limitations. Given that the Moon and Saturn are turning the attention to your home and family life, you may find yourself at odds with work-life balance. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about your goals, my friend, but there’s more to life than notoriety. As the Sun and Moon sit at the Nodal Bends, the releasing or letting go that you do during this time directly relates to Karmic fate– choose wisely!


Dearest Sag, for you, Leo Season is allllll about expansion of the Self– specifically your thoughts, morals, beliefs, values, and philosophies. Take this time to expand your worldview through steadfast presence. Feel the Sun warming your skin and notice how it trickles below the surface. Let this warmth, this radiance, this presence crack you wide open– there’s more to life than this moment. Or maybe that’s all we really have. The New Moon on July 28 opens the door for you to move through these thought processes, this expansiveness, especially due to the support of optimistic Jupiter. Create some space for you to simply be. It’s here, in this stillness, you have the opportunity to turn inward and set intentions. With the Full Moon on August 11, You’ll be called to look at the polarity between what it is you know and what it is you believe. And yes, those two things can be different! This Full Moon is quite serious, given it’s proximity to Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitations. Take this time to release old learned habits, patterns, and beliefs that aren’t catapulting you towards your most expansive self. Furthermore, you may find emotional or energetic boundaries are of the utmost importance. Don’t be afraid to draw the line in the sand, my friend.


This Leo Season invites you to lean into accepting help, my friend. As a Capricorn, it’s only natural that you want to work your way to the top of whatever mountain you are climbing. The thing is, you can do it all alone, but you don’t have to. I welcome you closer to ease, as Leo Season brings light, energy, and radiance to the area of your life focused on other people’s resources. Their time, their money, their expertise, and everything in between. This isn’t a bad thing, after all, it takes a village! The New Moon on July 28 asks you to turn inward and get intentional about how you can lean into help. With support from an optimistic and opportunistic Jupiter, you can really dream big with this one. Come the Full Moon on August 11, however, there’s a seriousness given it’s proximity to Saturn. Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitations, asks you to take a look at your money, values, and finances, and demands an emotional boundary. Given Saturn is your ruler, this may come a bit more naturally for you than others, but keep in mind that at this time, the Sun and Moon are sitting at the Nodal Bends. The letting go that is needed to be done during this lunation is one that ties into our Karmic fate. Draw lines in the sand and know that whatever needs to be released will create space for you to move closer to where your Soul would like to be.


Dear Aquarius, we are at the mid-point of your year. How far have you come? How much further do you have to go? There’s an emphasis on you (even if you don’t know it) this season, but more on that in a moment. As the Sun in Leo brings light to your relationships and partnerships, you’re invited to move with your whole heart. It’s easy to over-think and easy to doubt ourselves, but if Leo energy teaches us anything, it’s to love loud, proud, and with our heart wide open. The New Moon on July 28 provides you with fertile ground to set intentions around your relationships. How do you want your relationships to feel? How do you want them to inform your life moving forward? Keep in mind this extends beyond intimate partners, too – your friends and colleagues absolutely count! As we move towards the Full Moon on August 11, we shift the focus back to you, my friend. What has come to light during this season, especially how it relates to the Self? What can you let go of so you can integrate relationships into your life in a healthy, warm, stable way? As Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries, sits closely with this Full Moon, you’re asked to recognize where you may need to set some emotional and energetic boundaries for yourself. The work that’s done here moves you closer towards your Karmic fate, so allow yourself to reflect on what it is you need to shed deep down– it only moves you closer to you.


For you, dear Pisces, this Leo Season is all about your daily work, habits, and routines. As you integrate this Solar warmth into your daily life, you’re asked to move with your heart. How do your habits tend to your heart fire? The New Moon on July 28 allows you to turn inward and ask this question and more, further inviting you to set intentions related to how you want your life to work. This emphasis on habits, as well as the physical body, can mean many things – maybe it’s rest, maybe it’s movement, maybe it’s something inbetween. Nevertheless, you have support from opportunistic Jupiter to get you through. Come the Full Moon on August 11, however, things get a bit sticky. The Moon sits tight with Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitations, and this conjunction shifts the attention to your mental body. This is the time to recognize how mental and physical well-being go hand-in-hand, and how perhaps your daily conditioning is (or isn’t) supporting both spaces. Full Moon’s are a time for letting go, so use this time to release what no longer works for you. This shedding of the snakeskin ultimately gives space for you to heal and grow, so as they say, “grow through what you go through.” 

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