I am very proud of the Word Witch Writing Workshoppe: Poetry Magick event that I had the privilege of guiding on Saturday, 17 October at Coven.


I was honoured to witness creativity manifested by eight sublime witches.  Their writing processes were elemental and varied:


Careful, cautious crafting – earth style
Incendiary passion - fire style
Lightning-quick, using 3 pens – air style
Steadily and fluidly filling the page – water style



Words have immense power – to heal, to inspire, to incite, to rouse and provoke, to express love – and they are also the voice, the power of your spells, your incantations and your daily affirmations!


I love and thrive on the amazing creativity in the air when people take up their special pen and vintage repro. hardbound journal, delve into their deeply personal feelings, thoughts, issues, losses and/or political diatribes, and transform those energies into poetry.


Poetry is…a thousand things!  It’s a very few words: ‘there’s no truth without Ruth!’  And ‘…I didn’t decide to become a witch; I remembered that I was one.’


Poetry is a haiku, a limerick, it’s an epic production of thirty pages of verse in Elizabethan iambic pentameter; it’s your favourite song lyrics; it’s a shout from the soul, it’s a hymn from the heart, it’s raising your voice in anger; it’s your creativity, your healing, your empowerment, and fun!…Poetry is an expression of HOW YOU FEEL.


Poetry is a proclamation, a revelation, an appreciation, an invocation, a reclamation, an incantation, levitation, syncopation, a fascination – all telling your tale!


You can create a poem in a dozen ways – pencil and paper, on your ‘phone, your iPad, on a paper napkin, spray-paint it on a wall, make a word collage, a paint marker on a t-shirt – or spoken aloud, shouted to a crowd – or just to your familiar!  Whatever YOU feel inspired to create.



Each month, I’ll share some of my own work, provide a Reason To Use That Cool New Pen, and encourage your word witch writing with a writing prompt, a thought-provoking question or quote or verse – something to inspire you to light up the night with your creativity and set pen to paper!



Write Fast, Edit Slowly


Whether you are visited by Kali, goddess of creation, preservation and radical transformation, and cannot get your words on the pages quickly enough – OR whether your words are just trickling through at glacier speed – JUST WRITE!

Don’t stop to worry about grammar, spelling, line length or punctuation.  Don’t inhibit your creative flow – turn off that negative past inner voice.  Invoke the Goddess, light a candle, burn incense, crank up your music and dance naked – dedicate your entire being to the noble pursuit of poetry magick!  JUST WRITE!


Once you’ve gotten your ideas on the page and your creative energy has downshifted, you can and should take a break – you have earned it!

Next, go back to your work and review it – read it aloud, if you can. A sound check is one of your best poetry proofing tools. Does your work sound the way you need it to sound?  Does it resonate, does it convey your tone, the spirit and purpose of your words?  Revise your words to intuitively match the rhythm in your head and body.

Then, cast your witch’s third eye over your work – checking spelling, line structure (be creative with this one!) and punctuation.  At this point, your poem should be very close to perfect.

Step now away from the poem – indulge in some energy-restoring tea, soak in a wickedly scented hot bath, light a charged candle or favoured herbs, commune with your familiar – renew your energy and creative source.

Look one last time at your work….

And you will KNOW when your poem is finished and ready to share with the world, with the cosmos, with us!

Just keep writing – it’s YOUR MAGICK!


Word Witch’s Wicked Writing Challenge:

Astrological poem – consider your own astrological sign, your moon or rising sign – or that of a partner.  Write about whatever aspect (ha ha) of the sign that stands out most to you, or amuses you!


- Blue Cobweb the Word Witch 

Blue Cobweb the Word Witch is a proud feminist activist, writer, dog mum, administrative assistant, and just ‘came out’ as a Witch in 2019 - after identifying as a Witch most of her life. She always felt an affinity with Malificent in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the so-called Wicked Witch in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Her preferred method of spellcasting is with candles and herbs; she is deeply happy with writing her own spells. Some of her favorite things are writing, reading, music, her canine familiar Cobweb, raccoon videos, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and spending time absorbing the marvelously witchy atmosphere of Coven. She’s looking forward to sharing her love of writing with everyone!

Find her on Instagram @bluecobwebwitch

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