Coven Scopes: Taurus Season

Coven Scopes: Taurus Season

Happy Taurus Season, my friends! We’ve got a lot in store for this month, but let’s start with the most important: this season marks one year of writing Covenscopes, and what a cosmic ride it has been! 

As we turn the corner from the Spring Equinox and Aries Season, the Sun settles into Taurus on April 19 at 10:24 pm. When the Sun makes this shift, we’re invited to slow down, take our time, and soak up the blossoming world around us. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Taurus Season represents the middle of spring: flowers are blossoming, trees are budding, and the pollen sure is flying. Taurus, a fixed earth sign, represented grounded sustainability. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Walk barefoot in the grass, repot your plants, beautify your space, and let it all bloom around you for a moment. 

This Season brings us a few planetary ingresses: Mercury in Gemini on April 29, Venus in Aries on May 2, and Jupiter in Aries on May 10. With Mercury in Gemini, this messenger is able to really get ish done, having the ability to shape-shift, socialize, and think quick on its feet. The issue with this quickness, however, is that it’s a perfect opportunity for little mistakes. You know how sometimes you’re looking for a specific piece of clothing when you’re running late, and you start tearing apart your closet, only to make a big mess around you? And then, only when you slow down and retrace your steps, you find the article of clothing was right in front of you all along? Well, that’s the sitch with Mercury’s time in Gemini; it’s setting us up for a Retrograde starting on May 10. Retrogrades are times of reviewing, reconsidering, and resetting, so pay attention to what comes up between April 25 and May 10, as it’s bound to come up again. 

With Venus in Aries beginning May 2, the areas of our lives concerned with love, beauty, and money get ~spicy~! Venus in Aries is bold and is always down to make the first move. There’s an err of confidence to this transit, and it’s dripping with passion. As Jupiter trails behind, entering Aries on May 10, the area of our life focused on personal expansion and abundance gets a fire lit under its ass (for lack of a better way of putting it!) Jupiter in Pisces is a lovely place for Jupiter to be, as it rules Pisces, but given its proximity to Neptune, Jupiter has been maybe having a little too much fun. It’s kind of like leaving Coachella and having to come home and get back to work. Don’t worry though, Jupiter in Pisces isn’t over just yet – there’s still a Retrograde to come! 

Now, onto the big stuff: this Taurus Season kicks off the Eclipses! This is a Big Deal™, as Eclipses act as a cosmic reality check. Eclipses bring on fated events that direct us towards our Soul’s karmic mission here on Earth, so it’s best to just kick back and observe. This is not a time for manifesting or magick, as Eclipse energy can be unpredictable. The Eclipses will impact everyone to varying degrees, but they will certainly be felt by everyone. Eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon are within 15° of the Lunar Nodes (the Lunar Nodes are mathematical points in the sky where the Sun and Moon’s paths intersect). As the Lunar Nodes sit within the Taurus/Scorpio axis, we’re asked to take a look at the dichotomy between life’s simple pleasures (Taurus) and life’s deepest complexities (Scorpio). 

The Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30 forms a sextile to Mars in Pisces and a conjunction to Uranus in Taurus. On a large scale, this feels very unstable and emotional, but keep in mind that being emotional isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16 forms a trine to Mars and Neptune, a square to Saturn, and a sextile to Pluto. That's, uhhh, a lot to work with! Again, as Eclipses steer us in the direction we need to go, we gain some cosmic support from a tempered and dreamy Mars and Neptune. This has the ability to fuel our dreams and passions, but be sure to recognize when something is too good to be true. Especially with the square to Saturn, there’s a level of seriousness to this Eclipse, especially in regards to boundaries, foundations, and structures. And of course, we have Pluto topping things off with a subtle reminder that transformation is necessary for growth.

For more information on how this month’s astro-weather will play out for you, read on! (Hint: read for both your Sun sign AND Rising sign!)


How are we feeling, Aries? As we come off of your season, we start to settle into the Spring season here in the Northern Hemisphere. After a month of celebration, it’s time to sit down and get your money sitch sorted out (but we’ll get back to that in a sec!) As Venus and Jupiter enter Aries in early to mid-May, its blessings abound! Venus and Jupiter are the benefic planets, and they bring us love, beauty, opportunity, lucky, and expansion. You may be feeling more beautiful, more energetic, and more optimistic during this time. Nothing’ to complain about there, am I right? But, back to the money thing. As the Sun in Taurus illuminates your finances, values, and assets, you may start to observe that these topics are taking up more space in your life than they had before. With the Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30, the cosmos is guiding you in the direction you need to be headed. There’s a lot to keep in mind here, my friend. This Eclipse could be uncomfortable, emotional, and shocking, but it’s important to keep in mind that the direction you’re being pointed in is only helping you make strides towards a life that is more abundant, safe, and secure. The Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, there is some major releasing related to other people’s money and resources. Perhaps you finally pay back a debt or let go of a support that was more complex than supportive. Whatever it may be, this Eclipse gains support from Mars, Neptune, and Pluto, and some constructive challenges from Saturn. Pay attention to how you dream and transform while establishing boundaries and structure. As we do with Eclipses, take this time to sit back and watch your Cosmic journey unfold– the Cosmos has your back!


Ohhhh Taurus, this is a BIG time for you, and not just because it’s Taurus Season! Now, I’m a bit biased, I love Taurus Season. It’s slow, it’s intentional, it’s sensual, and it’s connected. There’s this ability to drop into the sweetness of life that comes with Taurus Season, and there’s something so magical about that sweet, steady connectedness to the Earth beneath us. With that said, this Season isn’t just about stopping and smelling the roses– and we have the Eclipses to thank for that. For about 18 months, we, as a collective, experience the dichotomy of Taurus and Scorpio through these Eclipses. With that in mind, there’s some major leveling up that’s in store for you, my friend. The Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30 redirects you towards yourself and your outward expression of who you are. There may be an urge to make changes to your appearance or try a new ~vibe~ that aligns with your personality. If you feel a call towards something, pick up that phone, baby! The cosmos is guiding you towards a more authentic version of you. Then, with the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, there are themes of releasing relationships and partnerships that are no longer working for you. Unfortunately, part of becoming ourselves is losing people along the way. Of course, that’s not always a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not emotionally heavy. Know that while this could be a bit uncomfortable, there is great transformation, structure, and dreams that come with this Eclipse. Ride that wave, my friend, and let the Cosmos work for you. This is a big year of personal and relational change, so really pay attention to who you meet and who you become. Cheers to another year! 


Gemini, that springtime buzz is coming and it’s just around the corner! But first, you have to get grounded and connected. It’s time to really settle in. On April 29, your ruler, Mercury, jumps into Gemini, which has your brain back on its high-functioning speed. You’re better able to process information, socialize, and feel like yourself with this ingress, but, there’s other important stuff happening deeper within your subconscious mind. As Taurus Season brings light to the corners of your subconscious, you’re asked to look at how you can dive deeper within yourself. The area of the sky that the Sun is occupying, for you, is known as the house of “self-undoing”. There is something so beautiful about breaking yourself down to build yourself back up– and sometimes that’s necessary for change. Some call it shadow work, some call it turning inwards, some avoid it all together, but for you, my friend, it’s time to recognize this area of your life for what it is. With the Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30, the Cosmos pushes you to peel back the layers. While you don’t want to practice intention setting or magick during this time, this is a perfect opportunity to tap into some meditation. This is all about witnessing what comes up and what comes through, so use this opportunity to observe rather than react. Then, with the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, your attention is turned to the physical body and vitality (or lack thereof). This is a time for releasing habits or physical practices that no longer serve you. They say that what’s happening in the mental body is stored in the physical body, so pay attention to what comes up during these Eclipses– this is a story we’re working with for about 18 months. Sit back and enjoy the ride, dear Gemini, because your season is next! 


Cancer, I don’t know about you, but I’m still stressed about the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses from two years ago. Luckily, we’re past that and the Eclipses over the next 18ish months highlight your community and creativity. Before we get into that, though, this Taurus Season highlights your community, peer groups, and networks. Your superpower is your ability to empathize with others, and increased empathy leads to connection, which builds community. What’s lovely about these peer groups is that they’re like a slow burn– they’re grounded, connected, and fulfilling. As May rolls in, both Venus and Jupiter shift into Aries, which brings gifts and opportunity to your career and reputation. Perhaps this looks like a raise, promotion, or recognition! Whatever it is, it's bold, energetic, and spirited, so bask in that warmth! As we look to the Eclipses this season, the Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30 brings about changes to your networks and social circles. This could feel like abrupt changes or shocking information, but remember that Eclipses bring about fated events; it’s guiding you towards a higher level of connection and pleasure. Contrastingly, the May 16 Total Lunar Eclipse looks at your creativity and self-expression. The Cosmos will help you let go of what is preventing you from expressing yourself fully, and this process brings about dreams and transformation in a way that is both structured and supportive. Sometimes it’s challenging to let go of the reins, my friend, but try to let the Cosmos do its work! 


Step into the spotlight, Leo, this Taurus Season is all about how you’re seen, your reputation, and your career. All in all, Taurus Season brings in visibility. As both Venus and Jupiter move into Aries, there is opportunity and value being channeled towards your higher beliefs, values, and morals. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to travel or an opportunity to learn– whatever it is, it sure is sweet, so welcome these gifts with open arms. As we look to the Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30, keep an eye out for changes or fated events related to your career and public persona. This may feel surprising or shocking at first, but remember that it’s helping to project you closer to where you need to be heading. As my teacher, Catherine Urban, always says, “Eclipses are like Cosmic course-correctors.” They put you where you need to go. With the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, there is an opportunity to release areas of your private or home life that are not working for you. This can feel quite emotional, but keep in mind it’s transformative, fulfilling dreams, and providing structure– even if it feels a bit sticky along the way. I get it, Leo, it’s hard to let someone (or in this case, something) else do the work. There is a lesson to be learned here, my friend, and we have a little over a year to work with these themes. As you look at this dichotomy of your public life and your private life, I invite you to simply bear witness. Notice what’s happening around you– you’ve already put in the work, it’s time to let the Cosmos do some of the heavy lifting. 


Dearest Virgo, this Taurus Season lights up your life through higher learning, philosophy, and maybe even a bit of travel! (Keep in mind, you can travel the world these days without even leaving home– a good book, a YouTube video, or an immersive film will do the trick!) No matter how it shows up for you, you’re able to dive into this area of self-expansion and growth through slow and steady connection. The Eclipses come up this season as well, and there’s a lot of mental processing that may be coming up for you! (Especially as your ruler, Mercury, returns home to Gemini. You gain some air under your wings). Anyhow, with the Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30, watch for fated events or situations related to education, philosophy, morals, or beliefs. This may come through as surprising or shocking information, but keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with changing your beliefs when presented with new information. That’s the beauty of being human– we can (and should) change as we grow. That’s the lesson of this Eclipse Season, my friend. Then, on May 16, we have a Total Lunar Eclipse which asks you to take a look at the way in which you process information and learn fundamentals. Sometimes the conditioning we were born into doesn’t serve us as we grow and become our own person with our own values and beliefs. This is the time to start releasing those old patterns. It’s oftentimes sticky work, but this Eclipse brings about Cosmic transformation, structure, and dreams. This feels like breaking the cycle, but doing so in a way that lets you take the seat of the observer. Take this time to reflect and recognize what is coming up, and let the Cosmos do the rest. 


Dearest Libra, this Taurus Season is bringing in a lot of Cosmic stuff for you to work with! It can feel a bit intimidating at first, but personally, I see it as an opportunity. Firstly, Taurus Season brings a light to the areas of life that are a bit taboo: sex, death, transformation, other people’s money, and magical things like Tarot. You may feel a pull towards the occult– diving into crystals, magick, Tarot, and the like. Now, that’s all great stuff, but we’ve got Eclipses to work with, so more on that in a moment. Before we get into the nitty gritty, Venus (your ruler) and Jupiter jump headfirst into Aries during the first part of May. This brings a bright, bold warmth to your relationships and partnerships, dressed in value, beauty, opportunity, and luck. Pay attention to who comes into your life; they’re bound to bring gifts and opportunity (and it’s spicy!) Now, onto the big stuff: The Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30 brings change to the more shadowy side of life. This can be shocking or surprising information, perhaps related to inheritance, loans, or your taxes. While it can feel a bit unsettling at first, keep in mind that wherever the Cosmos is steering you, it’s aligning you with a higher purpose. You may also feel more of a connection to the metaphysical; listen to the calls of the Universe, my friend, it always has your back. With the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, the focus shifts to your money and finances. This area of your life may be feeling complex, but this Eclipses asks you to release, release, release. With the support of your dreams, this Eclipse brings about transformation and structure. Pay attention, gather information, and remember that this is the time to sit back and let the Cosmos do the heavy lifting. 


Scorpio, it might not be your season, but it might as well be! There’s a lot coming up for you this month, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Taurus Season brings your relationships and partnerships to the foreground. While you’re a pretty complex and deep person, there’s something lovely about others bringing a level of simplicity and presence to your life. For you, relationships are the reason for the season. The Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30 brings surprising or shocking revelations to your relationships. Pay close, close attention to who comes into your life– they’re for a reason. What, or who, happens during this time is helping project you towards a higher level of self. We’re working with the energy of Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio for a little over a year, so this story isn’t over just yet, my friend. With the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, there’s an emphasis on you, your personality, your style, and how you present yourself to the world around you. This Eclipse brings in an element of releasing or letting go, so it’s time to start shedding the layers that are dead weight. It’s complex, it’s emotional, it’s transformative, but most of all, it’s worth it. As we do with Eclipses, it’s best to let the Cosmos light the way. Step away from manifestation, intention setting, or magick during this time and let the Cosmos do the heavy lifting. This is big, Scorpio, step into it! 


Sag, Sag, Sag, this Taurus Season brings you into your body. There’s a Trevor Hall song where he repeats the line, “in and through the body”, and that’s pretty much the vibe we’re working with this month. Taurus Season highlights your habits, rituals, and physical vitality. Eclipses in this space can be daunting, because they can bring issues to the surface. The beauty of Astrology, though, is that we can prepare for these things. The Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30 has the ability to communicate shocking or surprising information, but keep in mind this information is bringing you closer to where you need to be. Especially in how it relates to the body, getting new information can be scary and emotional, but you have the Cosmic support to be proactive here. Perhaps this looks like a call towards innovative or new practices, such as a new workout routine, trying acupuncture, or eating in a new way. Whatever it is, it has to feel good. After all, that’s the name of Taurus’ game! With the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, there is an emphasis on the dichotomy of your physical body and mental body. With this Eclipse highlighting areas such as mental health and the subconscious mind, perhaps you settle into a meditative practice by means of information gathering. The mind is a complex thing, my friend, so it’s important to bear witness. This can be an emotionally transformative journey, but it’s one that brings about structure. Turn inward, prioritize your wellbeing, and notice what comes up during this season– we’re not done with this story just yet.


Dearest Capricorn, are you ready for some child-like play and creativity this Taurus Season? You’re invited to settle into self-expression and pleasure this month, especially if it’s something you’ve been putting on the back burner. Before we get into that, though, Venus and Jupiter jump into Aries in early May. This brings value, beauty, luck, and opportunity to your home or living situation. Perhaps a move? Perhaps a home renovation? Perhaps a splurge at Home Goods? There is warmth and abundance abounds, my friend, watch for opportunities to make your space feel more supportive and welcoming! Now, onto the big stuff: the Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30 takes you on a journey of creativity. This may feel shocking or surprising, but it takes you closer to where you need to be. All work and no play makes way for burnout, Cap, so take this time to recognize where you’re being pulled to direct your energy. Sometimes it can feel nice to just kick your shoes off and play in the yard, you know? Who said adults can’t play make-believe? As we settle into the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, you’re then pointed towards your peer groups and social circles. I’m a big believer in the idea that you are the 5 people you surround yourself with. Are the communities in your life supporting you? Are they guiding you towards a balanced life? Or are they making life more complicated? This Eclipse brings about releasing, so pay attention to what is being asked of you, and recognize when it’s time to loosen your grip. If it’s meant for you, it’ll stay. It can be hard to sit back, but really take this as an opportunity to let the Cosmos do the heavy lifting, and keep in mind this story isn’t over yet!


Aquarius, this Taurus Season is a big deal for you. Are you ready to get into it? Taurus Season brings your home, family, ancestry, and roots to the spotlight. This area of your life may present some challenges, or you hold it close to your heart. What I’m getting at here is that this space isn’t one that you typically wear on your sleeve. The Eclipses, however, make us incredibly aware of the work (or lack thereof) that has been going into this area of our life. With the Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30, there may be shocking or surprising information that comes up. Maybe it’s a move, maybe it’s information about a family member, or maybe it’s related to your private life. Whatever it is, know that this Cosmic guidance is bringing you closer to the direction in which you should be heading. Eclipses can be challenging, but there’s always growth on the other side. With the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, you’re asked to witness what is coming up in your public life and career. This is a releasing and a letting go, so notice where the Cosmos is asking you to shed the layers. Pay attention to what comes up, take this time to reflect, and let the Cosmos do the heavy lifting. This particular Eclipse can feel emotional and transformative, but at the end of the day it brings about new structure and boundaries that are so needed in your life. This story isn’t over, my friend, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Dearest Pisces, it may be Taurus Season, but there’s a lot going on in Pisces! At the start of the Season, we’ve got Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune all co-present in Pisces. This is, like, major tripping out vibes, so notice how you are feeling right now. The Eclipses are important, but I’d be remiss to not bring up the energy, dreams, and abundance coming into your life right now! Keep in mind, though: not all that glitters is gold. For you, Taurus Season is about your mental processing and communication. How do you connect to your community? Your local environment? How do you use your knowledge and words to cultivate a space of connection? The Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30 brings about surprising or shocking information. Pay attention to what comes up during this time, especially as it relates to your local environment. This could feel a bit unsteady, but keep in mind that it’s pointing you in the direction you need to go. With the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, however, you’re asked to look at your beliefs, philosophies, and morals. Keep in mind that it’s okay to change your views when presented with new information. This may feel emotional and transformative, yet it will provide you with structure and boundaries that you need. Keep in mind that this is a release, so let go of the patterns that are holding you back, my friend. As always, the Cosmos has your back. 

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