Coven Scopes Leo Season by Vanessa Dunne
Close your eyes, feel the warmth on your skin, sigh into the thick summer air, because my friends, the Sun returns home to Leo on July 22 at 4:06 pm EDT. This homecoming is honey-gold, sticky sweet, full-bodied essence –...
Covenscopes Cancer Season Addition
Bust out your sunnies, friends, because on June 21 at 5:13 am, the Sun takes a dip in Cancerian waters! This is also known as the Summer Solstice– the official start of Summer and the longest day of the year!...
Coven Scopes: Aquarius Season
On January 19th at 9:39pm, the Sun moves out of grounded and stoic Capricorn and into progressive, electric Aquarius. To me, Aquarius is one of the most interesting signs of the zodiac– an Air sign, ruled by Saturn, shows us...
Covenscopes by Vanessa Dunne: Sagittarius Season
On November 21st, at 9:33 pm, the Sun wades out of the murky waters of Scorpio and steps into the body heat of a crowded house party, hosted by Sagittarius. If Scorpio season had you ~deep in your feels~, Sagittarius...
Covenscopes Scorpio Season by Vanessa Dunne
On October 23rd at 12:51 am, the Sun moves out of balanced and harmonious Libra and into the moody depths of Scorpio’s waters. As Libra Season showed us there is beauty in the letting go, Scorpio Season shows us the...
HAPPY LIBRA SEASON! Covenscopes by Vanessa Dunne
On September 22nd at 3:21pm, the Sun shifts out of Virgo and into the Libra, marking the official end of Summer with the Fall Equinox. It’s during this time we start really noticing the Sun setting earlier and the heat of the summer begins to dissipate into cool evenings.
Leo Season Covenscopes by Vanessa Dunne
Get loud! Be bold! Express yourself with your whole heart! Show the world exactly who you are! It is Leo Season, baby! On July 22nd at 10:26am, the Sun celebrates it’s homecoming to fixed, fiery, Leo. While Cancer Season kicked off the summer months, here in the Northern Hemisphere, Leo Season shows us summer’s staying power: the days are long and hot (sometimes excruciatingly so), with heat-filled days overflowing into warm, muggy nights.
Covenscopes: Gemini Season Cosmic Wisdom by Vanessa Dunne
Buckle up, ya’ll! Gemini season kicks off on Thursday, May 20th at 3:37pm. The shift from steady, grounded Taurus to quick and social Gemini marks the end of the spring season. The weather is (hopefully) getting warmer, outdoor markets are popping up, patio dining is coming back, and the hum of summer buffering can be felt. Just like the social buzz Gemini Season brings into our lives, this Season is full of events like Eclipses and Retrogrades!
Covenscopes! Read on for the Cosmic Wisdom!

Like a kite tethered to the Earth but still floating in the breeze, the new moon on May 11th invites us to dream while remaining connected to reality. Take the time to journal, meditate, and reflect on where you want to be. What is preventing you from being there? What steps or action items are needed to turn your dreams into reality? Read on for more details on how Taurus Season will show up for you!