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Covenscopes! Read on for the Cosmic Wisdom!

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On Monday, April 19th at 4:33pm, the Sun shifts out of headstrong, headfirst Aries and into slow and steady Taurus. If you feel like you’ve been running full speed ahead for the last few weeks, this is your sign to slooowwww down. Take your time, sip your latte, walk barefoot on the freshly sprouting grass, and enjoy the finer things in life. Taurus season teaches us there is beauty in sustaining our energy and not burning the candle at both ends. With a Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26th, we are given the opportunity to walk the tightrope anchored to life’s simple pleasures and life’s complexities. This lunation also shows us that it doesn’t matter how good your balance is if the Earth is quaking; to which end will you run? Like a kite tethered to the Earth but still floating in the breeze, the new moon on May 11th invites us to dream while remaining connected to reality. Take the time to journal, meditate, and reflect on where you want to be. What is preventing you from being there? What steps or action items are needed to turn your dreams into reality? Read on for more details on how Taurus Season will show up for you! (hint: read for both your sun sign AND rising!)


Time to slow down and cool your jets, my fiery friend! If Aries season had you feeling energized, social, and busy, busy, busy, the invocation of Taurus season calls you to get in touch with how you're feeling. Sometimes when we’re so on the go, we forget to connect with our emotional self and provide ourselves comfort, care, and nurturement. This is a wonderful time to channel all that passion and energy into your personal space and those who bring you comfort. Self care, baby! The Full Moon on April 26th shines a light on your ability (or lack thereof) to lean on others’ resources; you don’t have to do it all alone. Your relationship to your material values also gets called into focus this month. If you’ve been thinking it’s time to change up your relationship to your finances or values, there’s no time like the present. The New Moon on May 11th gives you the space to start planting the seeds for your money tree to blossom; just be sure to keep an eye out for the unexpected!


Taurus Queen Lizzo said it best, “Baby, how you feeling? Feeling good as hell!” It’s your time to shine, and if you’re not, it’s time to shake things up! While changing it up may not be your natural state, this Taurus season invites change. Lizzo also says “Boss up and change your life, you can have it all, no sacrifice”. If it's not working for you, you have the power to change it: relationships, thought patterns, personal style, and everything in between. The Full Moon on April 26th invites you to see your relationships with crystal vision. This can be a great time to take stock and ask yourself, “Is this working for me? Does this make me feel good in the depths of my soul?” If not, the New Moon on May 11th gives you the opportunity to start establishing who you want to be. Taurus, if you set your sights on it, you can (and will) get there, all in due time. Smooches to another trip around the sun, my friend. May it be the best yet.


It’s time to turn inward, my busy bee. It’s in your nature to be always on the go but Taurus season calls you to bring light to that which is unseen. It’s time to slow down, gather your thoughts, and take stock. When you direct all of your outward energy back into you, you may uncover some secrets you’ve been hiding from yourself. Secrets aren’t always bad, though-- they often give us new insight so we can break through our barriers! The Full Moon on April 26th, invites you to do this work while guiding you to shift your energy to your values: both tangible and intangible. The unearthing you do during this time will provide you with fertile ground to sow seeds of intention. On May 11th, the New Moon allows you to set intentions and break through any last barriers. Soon you too will bloom, Gemini.


Can you feel the energy picking up, Cancer? Taurus season brings you the gift of abundant energy, drive, and passion, especially by way of creativity and connection! If you’ve been feeling the depths of your feelings lately, a wonderful way to process can be through self expression and pleasure. Have fun with it! You may even find some like-minded friends along the way. The Full Moon on April 26th illuminates your ability to express, play, and explore your child-like nature. When you dig into the depths of your heart space you’ll find your true expression… and others will take note! With the New Moon on May 11th, you’ll be called to connect with others. Perhaps you try something new or put yourself out there; whatever it is, allow yourself to connect with those who have similar interests, values, or hobbies. You might be surprised by who you meet!


Glowing is in your nature, Leo, and this Taurus season you do just that! Your thoughts and values are center stage right now, and while you’re no stranger to the spotlight, there is opportunity for the unexpected this month. While you may not love sudden change, the show must go on. The full moon on April 26th shows you that while others may see what’s happening on stage, there’s a whole other story happening behind the scenes. It’s okay to be vulnerable and show the depths of yourself. Afterall, the depths of ourselves connect us to our roots, and our roots keep us anchored to where we’ve been (and where we’re headed.) The New Moon on May 11th invites you to reconnect with how you are seen. Are you showing the parts of you that you want others to see? Is there something here you’d like to change? If so, this is a wonderful time to start putting in the work to be seen on your own terms.


While dialing in on the details might be your go-to, Virgo, this Taurus season calls for expansion. Sometimes zooming out allows us to see the bigger picture. An eagle-eye view of your thoughts, values, and relationships can lead to breakthroughs, my friend. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective. The Full Moon on April 26th invites you to see just how far you’ve come. Mercurial by nature, this is a beautiful time to see all that you’ve learned, the places you’ve been, and how you’ve connected to your fellow neighbor. This fresh perspective allows you to reconnect to your true self, projecting you forward full speed ahead. The New Moon on May 11th acts as a springboard for you to reach higher ground; once you’ve seen where you’ve been, you can clearly see where you’re headed.


This Taurus season reminds you that while it is okay (and sometimes necessary) to rely on support from others, that support should not come as a price to pay. A bit of a people-pleaser at heart, you probably don’t like to ruffle too many feathers or throw folks off. What happens though if someone steps on your sovereignty? At the end of the day, Libra, it’s important to make sure you’re not thrown off balance; you can’t pour from an empty cup. The Full Moon on April 26th illuminates your values, finances, and assets. This is your reminder that you’ll never regret investing in yourself. Come the New Moon on May 11th, you’ll find that the self-work you’ve been doing leads to breakthrough and expansion, breathing new life into your thoughts, values, and relationships.


This Taurus season asks you to consider your relationship to your relationships: friends, family, partners, and everyone in between. A line that comes to mind from the song Coney Island by Taylor Swift, “If I can’t relate to you anymore then who am I related to?” You care and connect deeply, Scorpio, and you deserve others who can meet you there as well. With the Full Moon on April 26th shining a light on you, you may be reminded that you want others to share the spotlight with. In the weeks following the Full Moon, you’re invited to shake up your relationships. Then, come the New Moon on May 11th, you’ll find that you have the space to idealize your relationships. While sometimes idealizing too much can detach us from reality, often it serves as a beautiful reminder of all the magic relationships can bring to our lives. Let it wash over you and take it all in.


It’s in your nature to want to do -all the things-, but don’t forget, Sagittarius, you are the archer. When you set your sights on something, you’re able to draw back your arrow and release, hitting the bulls-eye. This Taurus season points your arrow at your habits and routines, specifically those that contribute to your physical wellbeing. The Full Moon on April 26th acts as a reminder that what’s happening in the subconscious mind can manifest in the physical body. If what you’ve been doing up to this point isn’t contributing to your mental and physical wellness, it’s time to start reflecting on what needs to change. The New Moon on May 11th provides you the space to dream up any necessary change to your daily habits and routines; just be sure to keep your eye on the target and not get too distracted.


2020 was quite the year for you, Capricorn. While you may still be recovering from all of *that*, this Taurus season invites you to have some fun, play, and e n j o y the things in life that bring you pleasure. The Full Moon on April 26th acts as a reminder that when you tap into your fun side, you attract your community, support systems, and relationships. If it doesn’t feel good, let. it. go. The New Moon on May 11th asks you to start building upon the foundation of the joys in your life, giving you the ability to dream. As a Capricorn, you’re determined as hell. If you can dream it, you can achieve it, my friend.


In February of this year, we had a bit of an Aquarius party with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn occupying this sliver of the sky. Parties can be fun and energizing, but can also get a little cramped, telling us maybe it’s time to retreat home. This Taurus season invites you to connect with your home, roots, and family in a way that is grounded, stable, and nurturing. Taking the time to recognize what you think, how you feel, and what you value within this space, be on the lookout for change or breakthroughs. The Full Moon on April 26th shines a light on how your personal or home life is amplified to the public; if it’s too much, there is beauty in drawing a boundary. The New Moon on May 11th invites you to create the space that you need for you, no one else. It can be difficult to put yourself first at times, my Aqua friend, but boundaries are a healthy way to sustain your desire to connect the collective.


A dreamer by nature, this Taurus season invites you to put your energy into your mind, which allows you to communicate and connect to your thoughts, feelings, and values. The Full Moon on April 26th gives you the space to expand and find opportunity through your efforts. What’s so beautiful about your nature, Pisces, is that when you give yourself the space to process, you also give yourself the space to think bigger. When you give yourself the space to think bigger, you also give yourself the space to explore, travel, learn, and grow without even buying a plane ticket. The New Moon on May 11th invites you to reconnect to your mental space. Take some time to check in, meditate, or journal during this New Moon; you may find yourself breaking through any mental blocks or boundaries. The dreamscapes you paint in your mind can act as beautiful portals to your self-learning and development.

All Horoscopes by: Vanessa Dunne
IG: @astroyoga_v

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